Saturday, August 14, 2010

back to school part 2

New back packs!
The girls got new, custom fit, colorful back packs.

Ginger didn't have one at all.
And I knew it was hard to find back packs that fit a 5 year old body.
I measured a notebook and a lunch box and made the back pack accordingly.
Her input was that it had to be green.

Ruby had a back pack.
I bought one for her when she started kindergarten.
But it was still huge on her, and even worse, it was pink. Her custom made back pack had to have as much aqua on it as possible.

I added a layer of batting in the straps, back and bottom panels for comfort. It adds some padding and it also adds some body so that it holds its shape nicely.

But the best part is, they love their new back packs. what could be better?


  1. No one else will have one like theirs... how awesome is that ? Love them!

  2. Wow - you did an awesome job - I love them!!


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