Thursday, June 10, 2010

a thrifty treasure

Finding treasures at the thrift store takes a bit of practice, or so I'm told from friends who love the thought of finding those treasures, but who never have any "luck" at it. I think the most important skill in treasure hunting is having an open mind, oh, and a bit of patience. You usually don't find treasures you're looking for right away. Very often it's more like, "wow, that's awesome!... what can I do with it?"

Ever since I "traded" my daughter an extra table leaf perched atop a t.v. tray to use as a desk so that I could use her desk as a permanent home for my sewing machine, I have kept in the back of my thrift store mind to keep a look out for a desk. Well, it's been over a year, and sure, I've seen desks at the thrift store, but most no better than the t.v. tray counterfeit.

This little beauty was just sitting there, so unassuming, with an ugly chair in front of it, behind the main row of furnishings. It had apparently been sitting there for too long, for the price tag was marked down to half price!

For now, I really do love the wood finish all dressed up with the glass knobs (we did have to add a missing one that we just happened to have lying around the house). But I can also foresee this desk in any number of amazing colors.


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