Thursday, June 3, 2010

a family reunion

What a trip! We just came home from a super fun family get together straight out of the Cynthia Rylant picture book "The Relatives Came".

*We drove far, real far, with 4 kids under 10 years old in the back. (they all did great!)
*We all stayed at a beach house, hugging in all the hallways, then breaking off into two's and three's.

*We took a few walks on the beach, we even had good surfing waves.

*We took pictures of each other.

*We went to a wedding.
*We played games (the weekend favorites were scrabble and double solitaire).
*We even had a talent show. The talent in our family is incomparable.

***Due to the "key fiasco", I won't be showing any pictures of the wedding. But rest assured, they waited the ceremony until we got there, and the wedding was FANTASTIC. A mental picture to sum it all up is when the bride and groom were hoisted up in the air sitting on there chairs by 8 very muscular men, and paraded around the lush backyard orchard.***


  1. love love love your post, loved loved loved that you read "when the relatives came", love love love the photos you took, love love love you!

  2. key fiasco? what's that all about? I'm calling.....


  3. I know NOTHING about the key fiasco. .

    We sure had fun!!


  4. Your story and pictures sure captured our time together! Glad you were with us!


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