Saturday, April 17, 2010

fresh cut

Local flowers. Honor system. $10 a bouquet. Gorgeous.

This is my every once in a while, part time job. Whenever my friend Christine and her family go out of town, I'm the one who gets to sell her bouquets. She grows her flowers almost year round right in her backyard. She is amazingly talented. The smell in her shop is heavenly. She won best booth at this years bridal fair.

She makes a bunch ahead of time, and I bring them out to the flower stand, and then collect the money at the end of the day. There is something so exciting about driving up at the end of the day and seeing how many bouquets sold. I love this job!


  1. Can't believe those gorgeous bouquets are only $10! Wish I was closer to bring some home.

  2. Wow me too! Those are amazing! Wish I lived in CA!b


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