Saturday, April 3, 2010

I just had the funnest time shopping! I know this is not a new thought coming from me, in fact, those of you who know me would think something was dreadfully wrong if I didn't say this after a recent shopping trip. But this was a whole new way of shopping for me, and I tell you, I loved it!

My friend Lindsey has been telling me how wonderful it was for her to buy her fabric online at Hawthorne Threads. Well, Lindsey, I finally tried it out, and I'm sold.

Here's a summary of what I liked best about buying fabric online.

1) The fabric I already have on my shelves was within eye sight so that I could easily see what colors I needed to coordinate with.

2) I could spend all day adding and deleting yardage from my shopping basket, giving me time to think about what it was exactly that I needed, to try to do away with impulse shopping. The luxury of taking my time in deciding what to buy was priceless.

For some reason this whole process reminds me of my good friend when she is given a gift. She doesn't open them right away, and I mean she waits for days to open them. She just revels in the idea that she has a present to open. Then, when she finally does open them, she leaves them in the box, just to look at it, for a while, weeks even. I guess shopping for my fabric online felt a bit like this present indulgence, spreading the process out as long as possible.


  1. are the two swatches some of what you purchased? fun!

  2. I love buying fabric online too! And you're right - it's great being able to go back and forth, changing your mind, without feeling rushed. And then its equally great when the parcel arrives in the post!!!

  3. I loved the image of savoring a gift! There are so many places it can apply!


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