Saturday, February 27, 2010

our new luxury liner

Never in a million years did I expect that after posting those pictures of my dream couches I would be finding one the very next day! I certainly wasn't looking for a couch when I walked into the Goodwill Warehouse. I'd actually never been into this Goodwill before. It is the main Goodwill headquarters for our area, and is a warehouse in every sense of the word. For some reason I was drawn to the large section of sofas. There was this beauty sitting amongst her very worn out sisters. "I'm not planning on buying this couch" I say to myself, "but it doesn't hurt to ask how much it is".

The price was astonishing, unbelievable, too good to be true. For a mere fifty dollars, this couch could be mine! With my husband out of town (equipped with a large van and large muscles) unable to get this whale of a couch home, the adventure began. After finding out that a good deal of male friends with trucks were out of town, or occupied, I resorted to good old Craiglist. I found a nice man, in need of some work, with a large truck, ready to help.

"What happened to that uncomfortable, ugly, fits only 2 people, loveseat she had in there before the new luxury liner?" is probably what you're thinking now. Craigslist to the rescue, again. I listed it for free, and the very next morning someone came to my house and hauled that thing right out of here!


  1. Em that was exactly what I was thinking. Love the new couch soo much better then the old one. Aw now I want a "new" pretty couch too. Great find!

  2. wow! will you come decorate at my house?? your living room looks fab and comfy and so you!!!

  3. What a great find Em! You have always been such a great bargain hunter! Your living room looks great!

  4. oh my gosh!! em!!! that is so awesome!! it looks so clean and in great shape! what an improvement, and at that price there is no pressure to keep it if you ever do find your absolute dream! score!! xoxox.

    ps, thanks for the photos! tell mark that his prize winning rainbow was awesome :)

  5. Love it! We'll all be sitting in style! You were due for a fresh one.


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