Sunday, December 27, 2009

the new me

I am now officially one week into my new fitness routine! A new years resolution, you ask? Not really. It just happens to coincide with the new year. I tend to get motivated to do a little extra exercise sporadically, and then due to whatever reasons, I slip back into my usual.

This time I think I am really extra motivated. I've been waiting for my belly to trim up after having my baby (she's almost 5 now), but it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Well, it jiggles a little when I walk, but it doesn't really leave my body.

So, my new routine is a little jog/walk. Pretty hard core, huh? Now, I hate running, always have, but from my experience it really shapes me up quicker than say surfing does. I will still be surfing 2-3 days a week, more if I can, but that just seems to maintain my physical health. I hope that by writing this down, knowing that other people are now aware of my new goal, I will feel a bit more accountable to keep it up.

Anyone care to join me for a jog?


  1. good for you! i can't wait to go for a jog with you!!!!

  2. go, emily! i don't always love jogging but i agree with you that it shapes you up fast.

  3. wow go Em! I'm been a bit of a slug lately 'cause the pool I swim at has been broken. got to get going though in the new year.

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. good for you! i'm in total agreement about jogging. not my fave but i do it to manitain my health. i enjoy it most when with a friend. count me in for checking in with you. SLOCA running group maybe?


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