Friday, December 18, 2009

decking the halls

The girls and I, my two little ones and another darling little friend, spent some time Christmas Crafting yesterday. Ever since I saw this idea over at wisecraft, I've been gathering old wool sweaters. Such a cozy way to deck the halls.

The girls and I cut a big bowl full of sweater squares, and then strung them onto our wire. The seven year olds loved it and were very capable. The four year old got about 4 squares onto her wire before she moved onto being a dancing princess.

For the trees, I cut triangles out of the sweaters and sewed them up into cone shapes. I added a round base, stuffed them with batting, and then added a handful of rice at the bottom before sewing up the opening. An instant forest.


  1. i think martha stewart would snap these ideas up! beautiful! and i especially love the account of the "dancing princess"

  2. oh yes, the dancing princess is textbook-four year old! give that little ging a hug for me! Em, the decorations are so cute!! I can totally see you guys making them, maybe sitting on the floor in the living room?


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