Friday, September 25, 2009

A Day in September

I'm sure most of you have started to notice that ever so slight change in seasons going on out there. Well, "ever so slight" may only apply to our habitat here on the coast of Central California where the temperature ranges from about 65 to 75 year round. So how can I tell the seasons are changing? The apples are ready!! Sweet, tart, juicy, and most importantly, crispy! This time of year we make a point to visit our local apple orchard to taste all the many varieties and grab us up a 20 lb. bag for cheap, cheap. And of course, along the way we must stop at "The Barn" for hay maze craziness, animal feeding, and all those other "fall" festivities!! This is how I know Autumn is here!


  1. yeaaaa a new post!!! i remember "the barn" from long ago when kids were spot!!!!

  2. em, so great to see pics. and here a little about
    your days. miss you guys! ahhh, apples from
    see canyon! i can taste them now....

    hey, love your fall banner too!

  3. I absolutely love fall. My favorite season is Spring. But fall weather is just my favorite. I have been waiting all summer to see your new posts and pictures. Its so fun to see the girls grow. I have some stuff for your girls from Rebecca next time you are coming up let us know and I will take them over to Auntie Kathy's. Take care your cousin Lisa


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