Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Wardrobe

It's time for our couch to get it's new summer wardrobe. Once again, digging into my pile of vintage sheets, I have found the perfect mix of blue and orange (perfect for now). Orange has crept up on me. It is now my favorite summer time color, as long as there is plenty of blue around still.

I've recently rearranged the living room into a configuration I never thought I would do. I am no longer a kitchen table sewer. My sewing machine now has a permanent home in the corner of the living room. No more do I have to put a project away when it's time to eat dinner. No more do I have to heft my 50 lb. vintage pfaff up to the table top. I've only had time to nip in for a quick sew here, and a quick hem there- we've been spending far too much time at the beach. From what I can tell though, I enjoy living room sewing, although I'm in desperate need of a night time lamp near by.

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