Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The beds are all set

My girls "set" there own beds. I think the term "set" came over from the kitchen where they have both had the long term duty of "setting" the table. And that term, to me, is very suiting. Not until the term "set" got carried over into the bedroom did I see the similarities of domestic art and style that both setting the bed and setting the table perform.

Today we put on summer sheets. I truly love decorating my home in my own humble way, but I give my girls very much control over the decorating of their own room (sometimes hard to bite my tongue). Oh sure, I may tell them what I would do if I were them, or just arrange something in there the way I want it, but in the end, I let them decide. I think this is great practice for a home keeper in training.

The quilt Ruby chose for her bed this season is one my Great Auntie Gail and mother made for me over 30 years ago (my sister has a matching yellow gingham one). Ginger chose the comforter with duvet cover I made for Ruby just before Ginger was born, made mostly from Amy Butler fabrics. Today I was inspired once again to create another choice for them to put on top.

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  1. Oh yes, those girls have your sense of style! Hooray!


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