Monday, December 20, 2010


last weekend we did one of our favorite christmas time traditions.
this is not a tradition we've done year after year for decades, it's actually a brand new tradition. but one we've all decided to do year after year from now on (we even high fived on the idea!).

we went to "the city" with mark's parents, and spent the day
enjoying the sights, eating great food,
soaking up the season.

some of the highlights:
  • ice skating in union square (in the rain!)
  • eating lunch in china town
  • spending the day with family
  • riding on bart (first time for the girls)
  • people watching
what are some of your favorite christmas time traditions?


  1. love your pictures em! looks like a great time. i know what city you went to, but you didn't mention it in the post! your readers will want to know ;) xo.

  2. It's Tamara....the buyer of the "Chloe Infant Hat" later today! Your pictures are great...and I know the city too. My favorite! Unfortunately we don't have any traditions. It's always a mad rush to get things done before the big day. Wait a sec - maybe that's the tradition?

  3. So much fun! We just got back from staying in the city for the weekend with Kekoa. that would've been so funny to see you there! it is one of our family traditions too. another favorite tradition is going to get our christmas tree and putting up the decorations!

  4. looove the city tradition!! thanks for sharing all of your fun....and your *fantastic* photos!


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