Friday, December 31, 2010


i'm not big on new year's resolutions. but, while i was out on a brisk walk today, i found myself saying to myself, "i need to get out and exercise more often".

and then it hit me. i'd been saying that i should be doing this, and doing that more often for the past 3 weeks (since we've been on winter vacation).

and then i thought. these aren't new years resolutions, it's a time to refresh all those things that i hold as priorities, that get mucked down with daily chores and tasks.

this sort of re-prioritizing happens to me during any vacation or time away from home. not only are you rested, but you get to focus on what truly makes a meaningful life to you.

i've got a whole pocketful of things i'd like to do more of, and i will try to adjust my days to keep a little bit of this vacation mentality throughout my non vacation weeks.

i'll think of it as daily refreshment.

i thought toni's photo above captured my feeling of refreshment. she is my role model on living a refreshed life. she is also a joy to visit at porridge.


  1. oh em, you're so sweet and i love ya so much!!xo.
    looking forward to some nice long talks soon...

    this reminds that i want to offer this photo in my shop!

  2. well put. i appreciate your thinking ;-)


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