Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leg Extensions

My latest alterations project. Adding a little extra needed length to two pairs of pants. Ruby's pants, above, probably would have been cute at the cut off length, but she had definite ideas as to what length she would feel most confident wearing. And doesn't a little bit of Amy Butler make anything look good?

I could not resist buying these pants, even though they were a smidge too short. Heck, aqua corduroy at the thrift shop? I like the extension on the bottom, but I'm still a little concerned with the slightly high waist, and slightly wide leg (which I don't mind below the knee, It's the wide leg up at the thigh that can be a little less than flattering). I've taken the inside leg seam in a bit, but doesn"t seem to be making enough of a difference, any other suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Em, I"ve got a pair of flood length pants I love (except for the shortness) - let's add an extension when you are here! One way to solve the wide at the thigh problem is to gain 10 lbs (tee hee).


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