Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ginger June turned 4 today! How is that possible? She's still such a little squishy cuddle thing to me, but then I'll look at her all stretched out on the floor sometimes and wonder where this big kid came from.

Ginger is a very friendly, talkative little girl, and didn't miss any chances to tell anyone that her birthday was this day, and that she was four. We had a great, impromptu, little party for her after dinner with some good family friends. She got just the right amount of celebrating and just in case any one came over and didn't know the correct protocol for birthdays, big sister Ruby hung this sign up on the front door:


  1. this is the best blog post ever!!!!!!!!!!
    your two girls are treasures, emily!!!!!!

  2. Such a cute birthday picture of Ginger! Loved your post about her day! It won't be long until we have a companion post of Ruby's birthday, too. They sure are sweeties!

  3. What an adorable face, cute cute cutie! Happy belated birthday little sweet one!

  4. my mouth is watering just looking at the cake...i mean ginger is super cute and all too.... it's just that cake! :)


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