Friday, December 20, 2013

ruby by the sea

This girl!  This girl is a natural business woman.  She quickly went from selling lemonade and flowers at the top of the driveway, to selling out of her products at our local kids craft fair, to offering a fantastic pedicure to a growing list of clients, to opening her own etsy shop, Ruby by the Sea.

Thanks to so many supportive friends and relatives, her first month of being an etsy seller has been a huge success!  Her shop is now restocked and ready for more!

She has already expanded her sweet  line of resin flower stud earrings, rings, and hair clips to now include covered button stud earrings and hair clips.

There are countless ways she is learning through this process, and as a home schooled 6th grader, she is fortunate enough to learn in a very hands on way.  She is improving her crafting skills and refining her taste and style (as we all are continually doing, right?).  She is gaining computer skills as she learns to navigate and list items on esty.  She is learning good vs. bad customer service, expenses vs. income and how they relate to one another, perseverance, photography, item descriptions, materials sourcing, time management, accounting, and the list goes on.  Watch out world, this girl is going for it!

**Thanks Nana for the awesome sign!!**


  1. Ruby is an inspiration! Love the new sign from Nana!

  2. Ruby,
    You take after your Great Grandpa Bob. He was a famous entrepreneur.

    Good going with your "Ruby by the Sea" business. It is great to learn when you can have fun doing it AND make money!



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