Tuesday, October 15, 2013

crafting with kids

Kids love to craft.  They love to draw, glue, paint, cut, and all the rest.  I totally love it too.  And I love watching kids get excited at what they can make.  Teaching crafting is so different than teaching math.  In math there is definitely a right answer.  In crafting the only right answer is, "I love this".  At least that's my goal when I craft with kids.

The other day we had some friends come make some god's eyes with us.  Do you remember making those at summer camp?  We had a fun time, and everyone enjoyed the process, and the product. Success!

After crafting with my own girls on a regular basis, and teaching sewing, knitting, and crochet in a classroom setting, I've developed a few survival skills for crafting with kids. Go check them out over at Krystina's blog, Lollipops.

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