Tuesday, January 8, 2013

pillows {and thoughts} for a new year

Since the new year, I've been happily hooking away on these pillows here.  It's slightly overwhelming considering the endless color and pattern combinations you can make on a crocheted pillow. 

These pillows have taught me a few things about what I want for my little etsy shop this year.

One thing I discovered was that making large batches of things really exercised my creativity in a new way!  I was able to really explore and dig deeper, rather than feeling like I needed to move on to the next product idea on my list for fear of losing my creativity.  It was actually the opposite, where by making quantities of the same thing, I was getting even more ideas.

This new year I have some exciting products I plan on making, and I plan on making them in larger quantities!


  1. so much fun to see these all together. ride that inspiration wave!

  2. beautiful pillows! to quote Megan, "Ride that inspiration wave!"

  3. thanks for the encouragement, you guys!


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