Monday, June 4, 2012

when a surfer likes wood too

 I spent some time taking some photos of Mark in his second favorite place this afternoon. 
 He's been so crafty lately, in such a manly way, of course!

  His work space is so different than mine.  But so the same, too.  He has sawdust all over the floor, I have threads.  He has stacks of lumber, I have stacks of fabric.

His perfect weekend day starts off with an early morning surf, spending time with the family, 
and then into the wood shop.

He's busy making some surf toys I will tell you more about as they progress, 
and perfecting his bowl making on the lathe.

I love to see the notes he leaves for himself on scraps of wood.  
He brings these home all the time from work, too.  
My favorite was when he forgot his fork, 
and I found a stick of wood in his lunch bag that he used to eat his spaghetti with!


  1. I love this post Em! Can't wait to see all of Mark's projects....

  2. Our two main squeezes are exactly the same. But my hubby doesn't have the convenience of an early morning surf so his days aren't quite as perfect as your man's!! Loved this post. I'm making sure Dave sees it. xoxoxo

  3. Emily, this post is rad! Can you take some closeup photo's of those two hand planes? Hope Mark is busy construction wise. Take care, Dave
    P.S. Have Mark check out the "Handplane Hoedown" on Facebook


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