Wednesday, June 27, 2012

behind the scenes with toni weber photography

I love "behind the scenes" photos.  They are just as exciting to me as "before and after" photos.  There's so much you can learn by seeing how a shot is staged, where the light source is coming from, and the results that are achieved.

I've always, always loved Toni Weber's photography style.  She gets such a soft and warm feel with such natural poses.  Here's some fun before and after scenes of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of Ginger, and then the shot she got.  (try to refrain here from judging my shots next to hers, not fair).

{photo source Toni Weber photography}

Toni decided it would be best to go out in the early evening.  We brought a couple different outfits for Ginger to change into to get some variety.  This spot down by the bay gave us some nice scenery choices and also felt like home, which helped Ginger enjoy herself.

With both of us buzzing around with our big cameras, we actually had one guy come ask us who the celebrity (Ginger) was!  We told him he probably wouldn't have heard of her.

{photo source: Toni Weber Photography}

{photo source: Toni Weber Photography}

{photo source: Toni Weber Photography}

Toni is a good buddy of mine, who owns a photography business here on the California Central Coast.  She loves to take portraits of children, and adults, as well as lifestyle photos.  She does such a great job of helping her model find natural, flattering poses and has a way of bringing out their personality.  You can visit her on her blog, website, and facebook.


  1. Toni does such a great job! Of course, her job is made much easier by having such a beautiful child be the model. When will we see photos of the equally beautiful Ruby?

  2. Wow, what beautiful photos of Ginger!
    Love the colors.


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