Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i collect beach signs

This is a new collection of mine. Although, I guess I was subconsciously collecting them all along. I figure there are 2 basic categories to put them in to.
 1. Handy information 
2. Rules to follow 

This is Handy information for sure.  I always like to know where the shells are.

Here's some rules.  No bike riding, no camping. Oh, and it looks like no dogs on trail. 
This is good to know.  Handy info or rules?  I say both.

Handy info again.  Did you know that the Cayucos pier was built in 1875? 
This sign is also clearly stating some rules.  I actually don't see it saying no jumping off with surfboard, just no diving. 


Here's a standard rules sign.  And it looks well loved.

If I need to take a bus, this is where I'll go.  Handy.

This sign might just be stating the obvious. 

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