Monday, October 17, 2011

evenings at the beach

We have had some amazing evenings here at the beach.

We've watched the sun set over the water.
The kids have climbed rocks and boogie boarded in the twilight.

We've gone surfing with red skies and friendly dolphins.

I'm savoring it all.


  1. Lovely photos. The kids silhouettes are by far the coolest!

  2. hey, noah was with you that night! :)

  3. Why???? don't I go to the beach in the evening? Yeesh.

  4. I am Canadian. My husband and I are wanting to go on a quaint holiday; filled with ocean beaches,vintage shopping, cafes, strolls and a wonderful b+b... where could this place be? where would a non-touristy visit to California begin? This may seem like a strange ?, but I need to start my dreamings somewhere... bless u


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