Monday, July 25, 2011

3rd annual kid craft fair

Ruby has pretty much been preparing for this years kids craft fair since
the end of last year's kids craft fair!

Ginger doesn't think too much about it, until the last minute, when she decides she's going to sell lemonade (she's sold out the last 2 years).

This craft fair was a hit from the start.
I am so thankful that our library is so supportive of this awesome kid community event.
We modeled it after the kid craft fair in my sister's town of Bellingham, WA where we were happy to be a part of their 40th annual kids craft fair!

This will be Los Osos' 3rd annual kid's craft fair!

It is this Saturday, July 30th
10:30 to 12:30
at the Los Osos Library

This year we will have over 50 booths set up in the library's parking lot.
With Hula dancers for the entertainment.

It's open to kids up to the age of 13.
Each item must be handmade, by the child, and sold for $4 or less.

Ruby's favorite part is the last 15 minutes when Joe, our librarian, blows the whistle and announces "fire sale". The kids then start trading whatever is left of their wares with each other. So they not only come home with some cash, but a whole handful of awesome crafts!

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