Monday, June 6, 2011

a yellow kitty

our yellow kitty has finally arrived!
we call him simon peter.
we adopted him from our local animal shelter.
he was actually living in a foster home being bottle fed,
until he was old enough to be adopted into a family.
he was found in a field with his 4 sisters.
yes, i wanted all of them.

this "little guy" (that's the other name i call him) is all love.
as soon as you touch him, or even look at him he starts purring,
and you can hear it across the room.
he's only 9 weeks old, and sleeps most the day
(usually while being held by one of his new mamas).
when he's not sleeping he's attacking dust balls, scraps of fabric,
and imaginary things only he can see.


  1. Simon used to be SO cute!!!!!! You should do a blog post about Simon now! wait-- but don't! I want to!


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