Tuesday, May 10, 2011

queen bee market {what i learned}

this was my first experience at the queen bee market. i had a blast, and i learned a few things. no matter how much *fun* i had at the qbm, being able to learn about how my business works will always make it worth it.

*take more pictures, duh!
*meeting online friends for the first time is awesome!
*there are a lot of amazingly talented women out there.
*customers actually don't like talking while there shopping. whatever.
*bring a wide variety of merchandise, because what you think will be your hot item might not be that hot.
*when the local surfers tell you how cold the water's been, don't believe them. they're just spoiled.
*do a stomach workout weeks before hand so that my belly isn't so soar from laughing for 48 hours straight! thanks stacy!!

a big thank you to the masterminds of the market, jess and micque!
you guys are awesome!!


  1. Hope your time was a success. Hope to see you there next year :)

  2. Your book was SO FREAKING CUTE. Dangit, girl. Dangit. Love the banner best of all.

  3. ginger- thanks a bunch! i don't remember bringing a book with me ?? you're way too kind my friend.


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