Thursday, April 14, 2011

sushi night

my family's favorite dinner is sushi night. years and years ago, mark and i would go our for sushi once a week. we had an awesome local sushi bar on the east side of santa cruz called pink godzilla. it's still there, but we started a family and moved south.

so now we make it at home. about once a month. it's actually simpler than it looks. i keep the ingredients limited, to keep it even simpler. the girls get all you can eat avocado rolls, and i rotate between a few different rolls for mark and i.

some of my favorites are tempura shrimp rolls (i buy the shrimp all ready to go from trader joe's), smoked salmon rolls, and good old sashimi local fish when we're feeling rich.

i keep a big bag of sushi rice, some nori (that's the seaweed wrapper), and wasabi (you've gotta have wasabi!) in the pantry so that when the mood strikes, we're eating sushi for dinner!!


  1. i love sushi! what a fun idea.

  2. Yum!! Had sushi night last night with a old friend. I love to make sushi for my family. Too bad we can't find fresh fish in Michigan :)

  3. How fun! I dont think I could get Landyn to eat sushi though! Whats your trick?

  4. Yum! pink godzilla misses you guys too. :)

  5. family sushi night is an awesome idea!! we used to make rolls...but haven't tried on a long time. our daughter just decided on ucsc as her first choice for college. we're keeping our fingers crossed because we love santa cruz...maybe we'll be checking out pink godzilla sometime in the near future! :)

  6. Just spending some time on your blog! Our family's favorite dinner is Sushi also. We started our kids young!! Now we really need to come to SLO and hang out and go to dinner!


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