Saturday, October 16, 2010

number 5

today it just dawned on me that my surf trade days are over, for the most part. my little surf family is entering a new phase of life. the girls have hit an age where they can sit on the beach while mark and i go surf together!

the phases of a surf family:
  1. surf as much as you want
  2. have baby
  3. surf only when your husband is around and only after the baby nurses
  4. surf trade with other mamas
  5. surf with husband, kids watch from beach
  6. surf with kids

the way i see it, we have only one more phase to go.
is there anything you can't wait to be able to do with your kids?


  1. This is so cute. I LOVE that you surf. YOU rock momma!

  2. so many things i can't wait to do with Kekoa but i'm savoring every moment with him right now! :)

  3. i'll always remember that beautiful fall morning - you: pre-kids, me: a two year old. walking from my house to the beach. you watching nate while i got in the water. nate & i playing on the beach while you surfed. magical. priceless.


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