Friday, April 9, 2010

horse heaven

a birthday week adventure part 2:

Ruby is horse crazy. We just happen to live down the street from two lovely horses, which is enough to get Ruby excited. Ever since she was one year old we would say hi to Sonny (one of those two horses) every time we drive by, and we very often bring him carrots.

Yesterday, history was made. Ruby asked and she received! She was invited to take a ride on Sonny (who by the way, is the coolest, sweetest, old man of a horse EVER). Not only was she invited to take a ride, but she was invited to the whole process of caring for a horse.

Just being that close to a horse (it being Sonny was extra special), was such a treat! There was a point though, where she did ask "can we ride now?"

And ride she did! Amy (the horses owner, a sweet girl we've been neighbors with since she was just a young thing) was such a natural (with kids, as a teacher, and certainly as a cowgirl). Ruby even got to ride around the yard all by herself after a while!


  1. Ruby looks so delighted! Thanks for the photos! Ruby and I are having a great email volley - such fun.


  3. Em, that is so great!! Especially since it was Sonny that gave her her first ride. Rubes would love all the horses down the road from us, several little ponies too. Who knows, maybe your friend would be willing to set up a weekly session of teaching Ruby all about care and riding? Sounds perfect to me :)


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