Sunday, March 21, 2010

happy birthday ginger!

Ginger had her 5th birthday party this weekend, an Easter Egg hunt! It was a great day! We invited a handful of Ginger's friends, decorated Easter baskets, ate jelly beans, played hula hoop, ate jelly beans, played "Mr. Fox", hunted for Easter eggs, ate jelly beans, had chocolate frosted cupcakes, and ate some jelly beans.

The Easter eggs had little surprises inside each one. A toy frog, ring stamps, erasers, and jelly beans. The girls had so much fun discovering what each egg had hidden inside. Spring time is so wonderful, and such a fun time to add in extra celebrations of the season.

Coming up this week: Our first book club meeting! Thanks to everyone who shared there book club ideas and inspiration!


  1. how is it that ginger is five???? what a cute bday girl. i like jelly beans too, especially the black ones ;-)

  2. Happy almost Birthday, Ginger! What a grown up 5 year old you are! Looks like a fun party. Pop and I will have jelly beans in your honor on Thursday!


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