Thursday, October 8, 2009

I just love.......doing the dishes?

Doing the dishes has changed around here from throwing them into the dishwasher, to painstakingly washing each dish BY HAND. If ever I needed a new homemaking thing-y it's now.

So when I saw these adorable hand knit dishtowels on the purl bee blog, I was in love. The pattern was fun, easy enough to be done very quickly, with just enough interest in color change and direction change to keep it from being boring. I have been only crocheting for the last couple of years when it came to yarn stuff, so it was like running into an old friend again when I started knitting these guys. You know those kind of friends, the ones you could not see for a year, but when you see each other, you just pick up where you left off, no small talk- just straight to the juice.

Oh, and it works great! There's just enough texture to the knit surface to do mild scrubbing off of pesky food stuff, and it's got such a homey feel to it. These dish towels almost make handwashing the dishes a real relaxing, peaceful moment for me.


  1. wow! i wish i had your zen attitude ; - )

  2. When we moved down here, the first thing I noticed in our very small house was that it had no dishwasher. I was going back in time to when I was the dishwasher/dryer. As long as we keep on top of it, it's not so bad. My husband even does them before he goes to work before 5am. It's so sweet to wake up to a clean kitchen - even if I do feel somewhat guilty. Those hand knit dishtowels look really nice and fun. I should get some.

  3. i wish i knew how to knit. those are really cute and fun.

  4. Wishing you had those cute crocheted hats AND sets of the dish towels on Etsie!!!


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