Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rekindled Love

I have a new love for succulents. Not that my old love grew sour. I know I've always loved succulents, but for some reason, within the last couple of years, my love has been growing stronger and stronger. I love all the different textures and variations of green. I also love the rare, but beautiful blooms some of them offer. I love how easy they are to propagate. I love how they look when there put together, and I love how a grouping of just one variety looks.

A few years back we planted a ton of succulents in a rather large raised planter box my husband built. This large grouping of many varieties reminds me of a coral reef, so alive and textural. Well, every so often I need to trim back many of them that will just grow to ginormous sizes. My mother in law gave me the brilliant idea of starting little pinches of these beauties in preparation for gifts. So today was the day I saved a couple pieces from each plant in anticipation of the next gift opportunity.

Here is some more succulent love:

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Cool succulent artist I saw at our recent Art in the Park

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