Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today is library day! hip hip hurray!! My girls and I go to the library once a week, sometimes Tuesday, sometimes Thursday. The girls hop out of the car and skip, or run, down the cement path right into the library with giggles and excitement. They help unload the bag on the return counter and then are off to get lost in the stacks. Ruby is hooked on the American Girls series, and Ginger always finds a stack of good read alouds. I always put a bunch of books on hold through the library's online system, so I know there will always be a good stack of "classics" waiting for us.

Ginger's latest phase has been to engulf herself in a good, long, chapter book. She'll grab an old favorite (one she's heard before, i.e. Little House on the Prairie) and hunker down and go through page by page, letting the pictures remind her of whats happening in each particular page, or chapter. Wearing a prairie dress often helps her "get into character".

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  1. darling picture and i love this post. reminds me of going to the library with my mom as a kid.


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